TV Wall Mounting

Want to watch your LCD, Plasma or Smart TV in style? When you buy a TV, you want it to be pride of place in your room. The best way to show it off is on the wall.

Our professional engineers are specialists in wall mounting TVs. We install ALL types of TV ( 3D, HD, LED, LCD) onto all types of wall. We supply and install audio visual cables and mounting brackets for all makes of televisions as part of the package price. And, of course, you can rely on our expert advice for each and every installation. We also wall mount curved TV’s.

Gone are the tube TVs of old, so with flat screens you can have them on the wall, and it’s just like an interactive painting!

But what if your TV isn’t flat? Can you still wall mount a curved TV?

Yes, we can!

With a curved TV you get an immersive experience. You feel like you are more part of the action due to the curve, as opposed to a static watching experience with a flat TV. The trend of curved TV’s might be slowing down, but if you have one already, you’ll want to get the most use out of it as you can! The installation of a curved wall mount is different to that of a regular flat TV wall mount. Plus, you might be restricted on the types of wall mounts you can have.

There are 3 main different types of wall mount.

Fixed – nice and simple, the TV is attached to the wall, and can’t be moved. (When you have a fixed TV it’s important to make sure that it is hung at the optimal height for viewing.)

Tilt – some wall mounts allow for your TV’s to tilt a few degrees.

Pivot – Some wall mounts allow for much more movement, and sometimes come out of an articulated arm fixing.

With a curved TV, you could be restricted in the movement. Due to the curve of the screen, there is a smaller area of the TV that is actually fixed to the mount itself than with a flat screen.

It’s very important that you do your research and find out which mount is best suited to your TV before you buy it.

A few things you need to check before buying a wall mount.

Weight – Make sure that the wall mount can support the weight of your TV. You don’t want it falling off mid-way through your programme!

Style – This is more an aesthetic suggestion, but make sure that it looks good with your TV. If you’re spending time watching your TV, if your mount is visible (mainly for the articulated arm type of mount) then you’ll be looking at that too. And if it doesn’t fit with the look of your TV, then it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Size – If you buy a mount that is too big or small for your Tv, then that’s a waste of money. Most fixings are now standardised, but don’t assume it will fit. Measure it, and check the information on your TV.

Make sure that your wall is suitable. There’s no point putting the TV up on the wall, if the wall is not able to support it. Most walls are suitable, but if you have a weak wall, poor plastering, hollow wall, maybe its best you pick a sturdier wall. We’re not saying start drilling holes into your wall to see if it’s sturdy, but make sure you pick a wall which isn’t going to crumble or fall down when something heavy is put on it.

Where are the wires going to go? Your TV will have wires. So where are they going to go? Are you going to hide them in some trunking? Or are you happy seeing the wires?

Have this in mind when installing your wall mount. The wires can be hidden if you wish, it will look cleaner and more professional if they are.

We can install wall mounts on both flat screen and curved TVs so we make sure that it’s the correct type of wall mount for you.

We are in Halifax; on the doorstep of Huddersfield, Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford so call 07938 809431 now for your free TV wall mounting quote.

wall mounted tv bradford

Installation of 46″ Samsung Smart TV all leads hidden outside the building and run down the outer wall and back in behind skirting board for a nice effect – job inc bracket, 2 x 10metre high speed HDMI cables, power cable lengthened and of course my time cost £155 inc VAT.

Remember that we also install all types of digital aerials and Satellite TV – Freesat – Freeview – Sky throughout West Yorkshire

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